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Metaphysical Information, Psychic tools, Pagan and New Age articles-Whether you are interested in Pagan, Christian, Buddhist, Native American, or Oriental paths, our occult and metaphysical lear stuff pages might have just what you need. We have metaphysical articles for seekers on many paths.
"Before all time you were created from light and it was determined that your gift would light up the world. You are that special, that beautiful and an inseparable part of the Divine. Because you are ME. You are star dust, infinite light, oneness and pure magic. I know because I made you like me and then allowed you to forget. . . so I could experience my heart finding its way back to its own light."
~Darius Barazandeh

Welcome To Grandpa's General Store - A Pagan Plaground!

Grandpa's no longer sells things, we do have lots of occult and metaphysical information, free fun stuff to do online, free oracles, free horoscopes, an online Book Of Shadows, and more!

Grandpa's is here, to help you find what bit of esoteric information you are seeking, or just to destress after a harsh day in 3D.


About Grandpa's General Store +

(2019) Grandpa's was a physical store in Sparta, Wisconsin, opening in 1996. The store moved online in 1999-2000. In 2007, the online store was closed. With over 500 pages, the magical and metaphysical information remained online as an aid to spiritual seekers.

With so many using mobile devices in use these days, it is time for the site to be 'slightly' revamped so that people can still find the bits of metaphysical and magical information they are searching for without frustration.

Many of the articles you will find here are more than 10 years old. Some are more than 20 years old. Much has changed in that time, so listen to your heart and your intuition. Life is like a buffet. Take what resonates as truth for you and leave all the rest alone.

Many of the old store pages will be archived because, apparently, people are still looking for information contained on them. These old store pages may or may not get a revamp. If they are in disarray, please have patience and you can always find your way back to this page from clicking on 'home' or the Grandpa's General Store logo.


Free Occult & Metaphysical Information
Learn Stuff +

Grandpa's is a mystical place with free information on many metaphysical and occult subjects. You can explore our learn stuff pages to learn about auras, chakras, the magick of color, how to read tarot cards, about totem animals, get your free daily horoscope, dreams and dream interpretation, how to make incense, how to make your own smudge wands, about magic, feng shui, astrology, metaphysical properties of crystals, how to create your own magic spells, and many more. Just click here, or on Learn, in the main menu, to take you to learn stuff pages!

Free Fun Stuff To Do +

We also have lots of free fun stuff to do like finding out if you are psychic, make a wish upon a star, bounce some cats, checkout Grandpa's Magic Clock, taking ESP tests, a spooky computer that will read your mind, Get a free Chinese horoscope, find out what Chinese animal you are, Feed The Head, get a free Three Card Gypsy Fortune Teller Reading, visit The Crystal Ball Oracle, calculate your daily biorhythms, get free tarot readings, rune readings, iching, and more. Just click here, or on Fun in the main menu to take you to these free fun stuff pages.

Occult & Metaphysical Supplies +

We're Sorry, the store is no longer online.

However, many of the ancient store pages have been archived. Some people find these useful because of the metaphysical information they provide. Just click on the store link in the main menu to take you there.

Free Metaphysical Community
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We're Sorry, the community is no longer online

I should mention, again, that this site is making a BIG transition and many old pages will no longer be supported. However, we are working on connecting all the pages and a new search engine, so it will be easier to find your way around.
As time permits, new pages will replace the old shopping, learn stuff, and fun stuff pages. In the meantime, If you get lost, just click on the HOME button in the main menu or the Grandpa's General Store logo. That will return you to this page.

Thank you, for your patience and understanding!

Grandpa's General Store caters generally to the pagan community, but we have many occult and metaphysical articles of interest to seekers on various spiritual paths. Whether you are interested in Wiccan, Christian, Buddhist, Sufi, Hindu, Voudon, or some other spiritual path, we are sure to have something of interest to you!

This is a positive site, with occult, magical, and metaphysical information, and lots of free fun things to do, as well.

Have fun and enjoy your visit!

Love and Peace,
Erin Gjertsen
Web Mistress