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Amethyst Pendulum
Item Number: AMPEN
Availability: IN STOCK
Psychic Tools ~ Amethyst Pendulum
Divination Tools & Metaphysical Gifts
Amethyst Pendulums For Sale

Amethyst Crystal Pendulums

Grandpa's offers a variety of Unique Gifts, Occult & Metaphysical supplies for sale, including a large selection of magical tools, ritual supplies, and metaphysical books for seekers on many paths.

ESP Psychic Supplies For Sale
Extrasensory Perception Tools
Scrying With A Pendulum OR Pendulum Divination

Divination Pendulums are basically objects that hang from a chain or string, and are used to find answers to questions. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Pendulums are also made of many different types of materials. This page is about the Amethyst pendulum, but also gives a little history or background for those that would like to learn more about this psychic tool.

A Little Pendulum History/Lore:
Amethyst pendulums are true "occult tools". That is, they reveal that which is occult (hidden). Pendulums are often used to find answers to questions about life, love, career, and more! They are also often used in healing and to find lost objects or hidden resources (such as water).

The pendulum has been in use, as a scrying tool, since the late 300's or earlier. It was used by the ancient Romans to find out who would be successor to the present emperor (Valens).
(Scrying) Methods for using the pendulum do not vary much, since that time. The fellows who were pendulum scrying, apparently used a ring attached to a silk thread, which was attached to a live laurel branch. The branch was then held by the scryer, and the pendulum would swing back and forth within the circumference of a metal bowl. The bowl had letters written on it, and the letters obtained from scrying, were to spell a verse, which would tell of the next emperor.

Amethyst Crystal Pendulums
Occult Supplies ~ Psychic Dowsing Tools
Learn How To Scry With Our Amethyst Pendulum

Today, there a several pendulum scrying methods in use. The most common are:
The scryer sits at the scrying table and places the elbow of their scrying hand on the table. Most people use the hand that they do NOT use for writing. Relaxed and holding the Amethyst pendulum with their scrying hand, they suspend the pendulum in a glass, with the pendulum very close to one of the sides of the glass. Then they ask the question. The pendulum moves to hit the side of the glass, one time for yes, two times for no, or visa versa.

Another pendulum scrying method, is to take a piece of paper and mark it with a cross. Holding the Amethyst pendulum in the same manner, as above, they suspend the pendulum above the cross and ask the question. The pendulum will move back and forth, one way on the cross for yes, and the other way for no.

Still another pendulum method, uses the same cross, but the pendulum circles the cross, clockwise for yes, counter-clockwise for no. There seem to be as many ways of pendulum dowsing and scrying, as there are styles of pendulums. Our amethyst pendulum is just right for almost any purpose.

Most people seem to believe that the answers come from your higher self, or soul, rather than divinity. Your higher self has access to the past, present, and future, and can give very accurate answers to your most important questions. Using the pendulum is just one of many ways to contact it for answers.

Metaphysical Gifts ~ Pendulums
Amethyst Divination Tools
Occult Gifts & Psychic Supplies

Amethyst Pendulums-These crystal pendulums make fine gifts for yourself or your psychic friend! An Amethyst pendulum can be used to divine the future, find lost objects, dowsing for water, getting answers to your most important questions and more! Made of Amethyst crystal, these pendulums come with scrying instructions, too! True Occult Tools & Divination Supplies, magical gifts for your favorite witch.Pendulum Details:
Our Amethyst crystal pendulum is just right for scrying. The pendulums come in 2 assorted designs, as shown in the picture. The pendulum bob, itself, is just about 1 1/2" long, but will vary in size from pendulum to pendulum. The Amethyst pendulum bob is attached to a silver chain. At the end of the silver chain is a small Amethyst bead. The total length of the Amethyst pendulum with chain is about 7" - 9", perfect for the common scrying methods mentioned above.

Amethyst relates to divinity, spirituality, psychism, healing, and wisdom, so makes an excellent conduit for communicating with your own higher self. These also makes excellent metaphysical or occult gifts for a witchy friend!

Our Amethyst pendulums also come with basic scrying, purification, and charging instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: The pendulum styles shown, above, are just for reference. They are not to scale. That is, the pendulums are approximately the same sizes, and each pendulum will vary, slightly, in size, style, and length. There is no style choice. We never know what style will be arriving from week to week, so I wanted to show you the possibilities :) You are always welcome to contact us and ask what is available this week.

Interested in more psychic tools? Check out our other ESP and psychic supplies. Be sure to check out out our specials, for any other metaphysical supplies that may be on sale!Metaphysical Gifts & Occult supplies for sale-Divination Tools crystal Pendulums Metaphysical gifts-psychic supplies-Shop for Unique and Unusual Occult Gifts Store

Amethyst Pendulum
Item Number: AMPEN
Our Price:
$11.95 each
6+ = $10.95 each
12+ = $9.95 each

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