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Grandpa's Learn Stuff Pages-Metaphysical Properties Of Rocks & Minerals-Metaphysical Associations Of Gemstones, Crystals, & Stones
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Metaphysical Properties Of Rocks & Stones- Metaphysical Associations of Gemstones, & Crystals
Metaphysical Uses Of Crystals & Stones
Metaphysical Properties of  Rocks, And Minerals
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These metaphysical properties and definitions have been in use for many years and are common knowledge.  We make no personal claims of  the stones  metaphysical powers or suitablity for any particular use. I personally, believe in the power of stones, but that is my opinion. This information is not intended to substitute for proper medical attention.
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Here is a list of stones, followed by their metaphysical uses.  If you want to see a list of properties, followed by the stones, click here.

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Metaphysical Uses Of Crystals & Stones

Amazonite-(light blue-green)-Aligns the physical & astral bodies,
     good for health maintenance.

Amber-(yellow to orange)-Assists the body in healing by
     changing negative energy into positive, cleanses the

Amethyst-(purple)-Increases spirituality, meditative and psychic
     abilities and promotes inner peace.  Assists in healing,
     relieving head problems and addiction. Also good for letting go
     of old hurts & grief, and for general soothing during grieving.

Ametrine-(purple & yellow)-Stimulated the intellect, clears
     negativity from the aura, and releases blockages.  Assists in
     astral projection, and in correcting RNA/DNA

Ammonite-(fossil)-Promotes domestic efficiency(is this a nice
     way to say helps you keep the house clean?)

Angelite-(light blue)Assists in contact with your angels.

Apache Tears-(black)Physical & spiritual protection.

Aquamarine-(light blue/green)For safte marine travel, fluid
     retention, eyesight, calming, stone of courage, assists in
     recall of past life experiences.

Aventurine-(green, with gold flecks)Gamblers stone, wealth,
     creativity, imagination, prosperity & career success, helps us
     see our potential.

Azurite-(blue & green)cancer prevention, powerful psychic &
     healing stone, freshens outlook.

Black Tourmaline-(black)Repels & protects against negativity,
     usefull when exposed to large amounts of radiation, reverses
     black magick & sends energy back where it came from.

     helps with disorientation.

Bloodstone-(green with red spots)Aligns the chakras,
     organization, smoothes energy flow, removes blockages,
     creates abundance and good fortune, helps circulation, blood
     pressure, healing, especially post surgery or physical trauma,
     crativity flows.

Blue Calcite-(blue)Energy amplifier, assists in remembering
     experiences during astral travel and channelling, clears and
     activates the throat chakra.

Blue Lace Agate-(light blue w/lighter stripes)Useful in the
      treatment of arthritis, used for happiness, tranquility, and
      bringing miracles into your life

Blue Quartz-(blue)Aids in spiritual development and
      meditbronation, serenity, clarity, lifts depression and brings
      peace and happiness into our lives.

Blue Topaz-(light blue)Stimulates the throat chakra, clear
      communication, helps us see things in a more balanced way,
      assists in uniting us with the universe.

Botswana Agate-(gray,pink)Fertility, sensuality, artistic
      expression, comfort, stomach problems, stimulates the
      exploration of the unknown, releases repressed issues.

Bronzite-(brown)Promotes relaxation, serenity and calmness,
       stone of courtesy & assistance, certainty in our decisions,
      assists in transformation.