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Learn About Crystals & Stones
Metaphysical Property Of Crystals & Stones

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Metaphysical Properties of Crystals

Crystals, rocks, gemstones, minerals, gems & jewels.

Do you have a special quality you would like to enhance in your life? Do you have a bad habit you are trying to break? Do you want to work with alternative healing techniques, such as crystal healing?

Below, is a listing of metaphysical properties of crystals and stones, followed by the stones associated with the attributes. The properties of the crystals are listed, both positive and negative, such as creativity and selfishness. The stones associated with enhancing, regulating, or dispelling (removing) these attributes are listed after.
Just carrying a stone or crystal in your pocket (after cleansing) can be quite helpful in making changes in your life, especially when carried with intent.

If you want to find the metaphysical properties of a particular stone, just hop over here!

For a list of birthstones, click here!

~ Have Fun!

  Free Crystals Information Learn About Stones and Crystals At Grandpa's & Learn about the metaphysical properties and crystals associated

Metaphysical Properties of Crystals
How To Use This List

This is not a complete list of all metaphysical properties associated with crystals, but a good place to start. This list will be updated from time to time.

Find the quality that you are seeking. Following the quality will be a stone, or list of stones. Look up the stone or stones, by definition, using the alphabetical index at the bottom. This will give a more thorough description of the metaphysical uses associated with that particular stone. A stone listed under general healing, may have very specific qualities, that you will want to be aware of if you intend to use it.

Properties with a plus sign (+) after, are stones that enhance or increase this quality. Properties with a negative sign (-) after, show crystals that can help decrease or dispel this quality. Properties that have an equal sign (=) after, show crystals that are known to regulate this quality up or down, depending on the need.

Magickal Properties of Rocks, And Minerals

Abandonment Issues(-): garnet

Abundance(+): bloodstone, green moss agate, tree agate

Actors Stone(+): carnelian

Addiction(-): amethyst

Aligning the physical & astral bodies(=): amazonite (light blue-green)

Amplifies Energy: quartz(+), ruby(+), diamond(+-)

Anemia(=): garnet

Angels, Contact(+): angelite, moonstone

Anger(-): howlite, peridot, sea shells
Arthritis(-): blue lace agate, malachite

Assisting, Becoming More Helpful(+): bronzite

Artistic Expression(+): botswana agate, howlite

Astral Projection(+): ametrine, fluorite cleavage, iolite

Astral Travel, Memory(+): blue calcite, yellow calcite

Astral Travel, Protection(+): fluorite cleavage

Attracting A Good Mate(+): carnelian, rhodonite

Aura Balancing(=): labradorite, rutilated quartz

Aura, Negativity(-): ametrine, citrine, labradorite

Aura Protection(+): labradorite

Aura Strengthening(+): iolite

Awareness(+): howlite, lapis lazuli, picture rock

Balancing, General(=): hematite, rhodochrosite, sodalite, tree agate

Balancing, Mentally(=): blue topaz, chiastolite, fluorite, rhodochrosite

Balancing, Yin Yang(=): chrysoprase, lodestone, tiger eye

Birthing(easing): lepidolite

Black Magick: Reversing & Repelling: black tourmaline

Blockages(-): ametrine, bloodstone, fluorite cleavage, malachite, obsidian

Blood Pressure(=): bloodstone

Blood Vessels(=): rutilated quartz

Bronchitis(-): rutilated quartz

Burdens(-): lodestone

Business(+): citrine, lepidolite, malachite

Calcium Balance(=): howlite

Calming(+): aquamarine, bronzite, howlite, jet, king cobra jasper, rhodonite, sea shells, smoky quartz, turquoise

Cancer Prevention(+): azurite

Career Success(+): aventurine

Centering(+): hematite, kunzite, onyx

Chakra Activation/Stimulation, All(+): garnet

Chakra Activation, Throat(+): blue calcite, blue topaz

Chakra Alignment(=): bloodstone(all), jet (1st), kyanite (all)

Chakra Clearing: blue calcite (throat)

Chakras Revitalizing, Lower(+): chrysocolla

Chakra, 3rd/ Solar Plexus (+=): bronzite

Chakra, 6th/ Third Eye(+): iolite, picture rock

Chakra, 7th/ Crown(+): iolite

Changes, Accepting(+): chiastolite, opal

Channeling, Memory Of(+): blue calcite, yellow calcite

Character Traits, Amplifies(+)These stones may amplify positive and/or negative traits: opal, diamond

Choices, Alternatives(+): rhodonite

Circulation(+): bloodstone

Clarity(+): blue quartz, tiger eye

Cleansing(dispelling negativity): amber

Comforting(+): botswana agate

Commitment(+): garnet

Communication(+): blue topaz, kunzite(loving),
moonstone (celestial), quartz (earth)

Compassion(+): green tourmaline, red jasper

Completion & Follow through(+): mugglestone, red jasper

Concentration(+): fluorite, hematite, ruby

Confidence(+): jade, moonstone, rhodonite

Confusion(-): lodestone

Congeniality, Compatibility(+): green moss agate

Contentment(+): red jasper

Counselor's& Therapist's Stone: king cobra jasper

Courage(+): aquamarine, carnelian

Courteous(+): bronzite (stone of courtesy)

Creativity(+): aventurine, botswana agate, carnelian, citrine, garnet, obsidian

Cross Stone: chiastolite

Curses, Reversing & Repelling: black tourmaline

Decision Making, Certainty(+): bronzite, crazy lace agate, emerald

Denial & Avoidance(-): rhodochrosite

Depression(-): blue quartz, jet, lepidolite, smoky quartz

Destiny, Sensing(+): labradorite, moonstone

Digestion(+=): citrine, peridot

Diplomacy(+): lepidolite

Disorientation(-): black tourmaline

DNA RNA Corrections(=): ametrine, garnet

Domestic Bliss(+): emerald

Dreams(+): jade, kyanite, lapis lazuli, opal, prehnite, ruby

Earth, Attuning To(+): chrysocolla

Electrolytes(=): mother of pearl, sea shells

Emotions/Mental(=): garnet, ruby

Energy(+): blue calcite, carnelian, prehnite, yellow calcite

Epilepsy(=): jet

ESP(+): peridot

Eyesight(+=): aquamarine, opal, rutilated quartz

Facing the cause of disorders(+): picture rock

Fear(-): smoky quartz, sodalite

Feet & Walking(+=): onyx

Fertility(+): botswana agate, green moss agate, malachite

Fevers(-): pyrite

Fidelity(+): jade, opal

Finances(=): jet, ruby

Fluid Retention(-): aquamarine

Fortune, Good(+): bloodstone, moonstone, tree agate

Friendships(+): green moss agate, turquoise

Gambling Luck(+): aventurine

Generosity(+): citrine

Grace(+): rhodonite

Grounding(+): bronzite

Grief, Grieving(-): chevron amethyst, apache tear, onyx

Guilt(-): sodalite

Guidance(+): onyx

Happiness(+): blue lace agate, blue quartz, rose quartz

Harmony(+): chiastolite, emerald, jade, peridot, tree agate

Healing, Bones(+): malachite

Healing, General(+): amber, amethyst, azurite, bloodstone, chrysoprase, green moss agate, peridot, quartz, rhodochrosite (health), rhodonite (old hurts), rose quartz, rutilated quartz (aura), tree agate (fever: toxins)

Healing, Head(+): amethyst, jet

Healing, Increase Effect Of Healing Herbs(+): green tourmaline

Healing, Physical Trauma(+): bloodstone

Healing, Post Surgical(+): bloodstone, coal

Health, Body Odor(-): leopardskin jasper

Health, General(=): amazonite, garnet, jet, obsidian, sodalite(diabetes, thyroid)

Health, Toxins(-): coal, leopardskin jasper

Hearing Loss(=): petrified wood

Heart, Healing Broken(+): chrysoprase, rhodonite

Heart(=): ruby

Hexes, Reversing & Repelling: black tourmaline

Housekeeping, Domesticity(+): ammonite, mother of pearl

Imagination(+): aventurine

Immunity(+): obsidian, picture rock, rhodochrosite

Incontinence(-): petrified wood

Individuality(+): carnelian

Infection(-): pearl, pyrite

Inferiority Complex(-): chrysoprase

Inflammation(-): pyrite

Inhibitions(-): opal

Inner Growth(+): rhodonite

Insect Bites, protection(-): moonstone

Intellect(+): ametrine, pyrite, sodalite

Intuition(+): onyx, sodalite

Invisibility(+)(The ability to go about unnoticed):opal

Jealousy(-): peridot

Kidneys(=): picture rock

Kundalini(+): garnet, jet

Laughter(+): crazy lace agate

Legalities(staying out of law trouble)(+): hematite

Letting Go (ability to let go)(+): amethyst

Longevity(+): ruby, tree agate

Love(+): emerald, pearl, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, tree agate

Luck(+): jade, obsidian, snow quartz, tree agate

Lungs(+): pyrite

Marriage(+): pearl, peridot

Mastery(+): onyx

Maternal(+): pearl, rutilated quartz

Meditation(+): amethyst, blue quartz, fluorite, iolite, kunzite, kyanite, prehnite, sea shells

Memory(+): carnelian, emerald, onyx

Merchant's Stone: citrine

Miracles(+): blue lace agate

Muscles(+): emerald

Negativity, Dispels Generally(-): citrine, malachite, obsidian

Negativity, From Other Stones(-): carnelian, citrine

Negativity, Repelling(-): black tourmaline

Protection From Negativity(+): black tourmaline, kunzite

New Beginnings & Ventures(+): chrysoprase, moonstone

Nurturer(+): king cobra jasper, mugglestone, red jasper

Obstacles(-): kunzite

Old Hurts(-): rhodonite

Organization(+): bloodstone, king cobra jasper, lepidolite, mugglestone, red jasper

Order Out Of Chaos(+): fluorite, king cobra jasper, lepidolite

Pain(-=): hematite, howlite, mugglestone

Paralysis(-): petrified wood

Parkinson's Disease(-=): opal

Passion(+): garnet

Past Life Recall & Work(+): aquamarine, carnelian, petrified wood

Peace(+): amethyst, blue quartz

Pilot's Stone: malachite

Power Stone(+): quartz, tiger eye

Prophesy(+): prehnite

Prosperity(+): aventurine, citrine, green moss agate, malachite, turquoise

Protection, Business & Finance(+): jet

Protection, General(+): chiastolite, jet, onyx, prehnite, shark teeth, tiger eye, tree agate, turquoise

Protection, Negativity & Psychic(+): black tourmaline, lapis lazuli, pyrite, ruby, rutilated quartz, tiger's eye

Protection, Physical(+): apache tears, jet, rutilated quartz, snowflake obsidian, turquoise

Protection, Spiritual(+): apache tears, rutilated quartz, snowflake obsidian, turquoise

Psychic Abilities & Work(+): amazonite, amethyst, azurite, lapis lazuli, opal

Psychic Shield(+): fluorite cleavage, pyrite, ruby

Purification, General(+): fluorite

Purification, Home(+): chrysocolla

Radiation, Protection and Healing Overexposure: black tourmaline

Receptivity(+): lodestone

Relationships(+): fluorite

Relaxation(+): bronzite, king cobra jasper, red jasper

Release: Repressed Issues(-=): botswana agate, unikite

Reliability(+): hematite

Responsibility, Accepting(+): leopardskin jasper

Self Esteem, Ego(+): green moss agate

Self Love(+): rose quartz, sodalite

Scrying Tools, Used as: obsidian

Self Expression(+=): chrysoprase, howlite

Selfishness(-): howlite

Self Realization(+): aventurine

Sensuality: Sexuality: botswana agate(+), rutilated quartz(=)

Serenity(+): blue quartz, bronzite, smoky quartz

Service Pursuits(+): leopardskin jasper

Shamanic Work(+): iolite, obsidian, yellow calcite

Skin Disorders(-): crazy lace agate, picture rock

Spirit Contact(+): jade, prehnite

Spirituality(+): amethyst, blue quartz, blue topaz, iolite, pearl, turquoise

Stamina, Physical(+): crazy lace agate, sodalite

Stomach Problems(-): botswana agate

Strength(+): citrine

Stress(-): fluorite, howlite, lepidolite

Stress, Strength To Endure(+): chrysocolla

Success, General(+): green moss agate, green tourmaline

Success In Business(+): chrysoprase, citrine, malachite, petrified wood

Tranquility(+): blue lace agate

Transformation, Assisting In(+): bronzite

Transformation Of Negative Energy To Positive: green tourmaline, obsidian

Transition Stone: lepidolite

Travel On Water(+): aquamarine

Traveler's Stone: moonstone, tiger eye

Ulcers(-): peridot

Uncertainty(-): bronzite

Unknown, Exploring(+): botswana agate

Vertigo(-): malachite

Visualization(+): green tourmaline, iolite

Water Element, Working With(+): aquamarine, moonstone

Wealth(+): green tourmaline, tree agate

Weight Gain & Loss: unikite(+), rose quartz(-)

Will Power(+): tigers eye

Wisdom & Truth(+): lapis lazuli, snowflake obsidian, sodalite, tree agate

Wishes(+): moonstone, smoky quartz, unikite

Worries(-): petrified wood

Wrinkles(-): rose quartz

Metaphysical Properties Of Crystals

Now that you have found a few stones you are interested, you can click on an alphabet page below to look over more information about that crystal or stone!

Click Here, To Continue Reading About The Metaphysical Properties Of Crystals And Stones!

These metaphysical properties of crystals and stones have been in use for many years. Some properties come from ancient wisdom, folk magic, or folklore. Other properties come from intuitive sources that ask the stones themselves. Still other properties come from spirit guides and angels. Personally, I believe in the metaphysical power of stones and crystals and have had my own spirit guides tell me about them.

After you are done here, be sure to head back to the crystals library to learn more about the magical world of crystals, stones, rocks and minerals!

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