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Learn About Crystals & Stones
Metaphysical Uses Of Crystals & Stones
A through C

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Metaphysical Properties of Crystals

Crystals, rocks, gemstones, minerals, gems & jewels.

I still remember going into a little tourist shop, many years ago, and buying a few stones that I liked, just because I have always been such a rockhound. I was truly amazed when I read later about the metaphysical properties associated with my stones. They seemed to be  helpful in enhancing the very qualities that I wanted for myself! Coincidence?

You might be amazed at the metaphysical properties associated with your favorite rocks or crystals, too!

Look over our listing of stones, below. Each stone is followed by the metaphysical associations or properties of the crystals.

Do you find one you're interested in? Just carrying the stone or crystal in your pocket (after cleansing) can be quite helpful.

If you want to find a stone to help you with a specific need, look over our list of metaphysical properties, followed by the stones and crystals associated, here!

~ Have Fun!

  Free Crystals Information Learn About Stones and Crystals At Grandpa's & Learn about the metaphysical properties of crystals and planetary associations of stones

Metaphysical Properties of Crystals
A through C

A note about the metaphysical properties of agates. These are listed by the individual name, such as blue lace agate, as are the various quartz crystals.

Amazonite-(light blue-green)-Aligns the physical & astral bodies, good for health maintenance. Said to aid in clairvoyance, telepathy, and helps to balance and harmonize the throat and heart chakras. Calming and good luck.

Amber-(yellow to orange)-Assists the body in healing by changing negative energy into positive, cleanses the
environment. Said to heighten creativity and helpful with psychic parasites.

Amethyst Crystal -(purple)-Increases spirituality, meditative and psychic abilities and promotes inner peace. Assists in healing, relieving head problems and addiction. Also good for letting go of old hurts & grief, and for general soothing during grieving.

Ametrine Crystal-(purple & yellow)-Stimulated the intellect, clears negativity from the aura, and releases blockages. Assists in astral projection, and in correcting RNA/DNA

Ammonite-(round fossil)-Promotes domestic efficiency (is this a nice way to say helps you keep the house clean?) Grounding. Ammonite is also said to be helpful for childbearing, protection, and prosperity.

Angelite or Angel Stone -(light blue)Assists in contact with your angels, higher self, and animal or spirit guides. Angelite is also said to be good for protection, astral traveling and telepathy.

Apache Tears-(black) Physical & spiritual protection. Calming and good for meditation. Legend has it that you will never cry again, once you have an Apache Tear Drop.

Aquamarine Crystals -(light blue/green)For safety marine travel, fluid retention, eyesight, calming, stone of courage, assists in recall of past life experiences.

Aventurine-(green, with gold flecks)Gamblers stone, wealth, creativity, imagination, prosperity & career success, helps us see our potential.

Azurite-(blue & green) cancer prevention, powerful psychic & healing stone, freshens outlook. Azurite is said to stimulate 6th (3rd eye) chakras awakening psychic abilities. Also said to be good for the 5th chakra (throat), aiding in communication.

Black Tourmaline-(black)Repels & protects against negativity, useful when exposed to large amounts of radiation, reverses black magick & sends energy back where it came from. Helps with disorientation.

Bloodstone-(green with red spots)Aligns the chakras,
organization, smoothes energy flow, removes blockages, creates abundance and good fortune, helps circulation, blood pressure, healing, especially post surgery or physical trauma, creativity flows.

Blue Calcite-(blue)Energy amplifier, assists in remembering experiences during astral travel and channeling. Blue calcite helps to awaken the 3rd eye (psychic center). It also clears and activates the throat chakra, aiding one in speaking their truth.

Blue Lace Agate-(light blue w/lighter stripes)Useful in the treatment of arthritis, used for happiness, tranquility, and bringing miracles into your life. Also activates the 3rd eye (5th) and throat (6th) chakras.

Blue Quartz Crystals-(blue)Aids in spiritual development and meditation, serenity, clarity, lifts depression and brings peace and happiness into our lives.

Blue Topaz-(light blue)Stimulates the throat chakra, clear communication, helps us see things in a more balanced way, assists in uniting us with the universe.

Boji Stones-(mostly gray-brown)Grounding, healing, regenerating, and balancing. Heals the aura, removes blockages, and balances the chakras. Heals old emotional wounds and baggage. It is said that Boji stones should be stored apart from each other, and that smooth boji stones are feminine and - charged and rough stones are male and + charged.

Botswana Agate-(gray,pink)Fertility, sensuality, artistic expression, comfort, stomach problems, stimulates the exploration of the unknown, releases repressed issues.

Bronzite-(brown)Promotes relaxation, serenity and calmness, stone of courtesy & assistance, certainty in our decisions, assists in transformation.

Carnelian-(orange)Energy, creativity, individuality, courage, memory, aids in past life recall, finding a good mate, dispels negativity from other stones, actor's stone.

Cat's Eye - See Tiger's Eye

Chiastolite-(brown w/black cross in middle)Also known as "cross stone", protection stone, turns dissension into harmony, helpful when in a state of change, balances one's perception.

Chrysocolla-(greenish/blue)Revitalizes lower chakras, attunes to the earth, strength to endure long stressful situations, purifies the home environment.

Chrysoprase-(minty green to yellow)Self expression, balances yin/yang energy, new ventures, powerful healer, mends broken heart, business success, inferiority complex.

Citrine Crystals -(yellow)Prosperity, abundance, strength, generosity, creativity, digestion, memory, clears the aura, merchants stone (aids in business & sales), dissipates negative energy and negative thought forms. Ancient wisdom says that citrine is a protective amulet against snake bite, scandal, libel, and treachery.

Coal- (Anthracite, Bituminous, Lignite) From a softened brown to a hard black glassy anthracite, the stages of carbonized organic matter form a broad density range in this mineral class. Following the principle of like-aiding-like, it can be used as a remedy for toxic conditions caused by petroleum products and radiation contacts. Body tissues are actually stimulated to  cause regeneration allowing for an uplifted feeling as healing occurs. Acts on the 1st chakra. A piece of coal was once carried by thieves to avoid detection.

Coral-(asst colors) Calming, peaceful, and regenerating. Good for blood disorders, tissue & bone regeneration, and circulatory ailments.
Ancient wisdom says that red coral was once hung on baby cribs to prevent illness. Coral was also worn about the neck to indicate illness or health. If ill, the coral was said to turn dull and pale, returning to full color when the patient recovered. Bells were also hung from coral, to chase away evil spirits, storms, and furies.
Also, called the Witch Stone, red coral was said to protect women from wizards and men from witches, both being protected against incubus, succubus, phantasmata, and all evil spirits. Brown coral does not.
Coral was also said to protect houses from lightning, disharmony and evil influences. It also protected people from nightmares, night sweats, illness, poison, and storms. Coral was also used as a charm for fertility. Coral specimens should always be in good color (not artificial) and unspotted.

Crazy Lace Agate-(asst colors)Physical stamina, laughter, assists in treating disorders of the skin and major organs, gain insight to many options available.

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These metaphysical properties of crystals and stones have been in use for many years. Some properties come from ancient wisdom, folk magic, or folklore. Other properties come from intuitive sources that ask the stones themselves. Still other properties come from spirit guides and angels. Personally, I believe in the metaphysical power of stones and crystals and have had my own spirit guides tell me about them.

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