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This page will have links to reviews on all sorts of books. 

The opinions are strictly those of the reviewer and do not necessarily reflect my personal opinions.  We are starting in Astrology and working our way along.

Each book title has a short blurb about the book.  Click on the link to read the whole review. 

If you have done a review of any books on metaphysics, spirituality, psychology, magic, divination, etc., and would like to share it with visitors to our site, just
email the review and I will find a place for it.

Astrology-Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain
by Kim  Rogers_Gallagher
If you’re a beginning or intermediate student of astrology, this is the book for ...

Astrology-The Book of Pluto by Steven  Forrest
There's no denying it: The Book of Pluto is as powerful as the planet with the same name. But, its real beauty lies in the fact that it's a book written with both the astrologer and non-astrologer in mind. Anyone with birthchart in hand ...

Astrology-Destined for Murder by Edna  Rowland

In what may be the first collaboration of its kind, an astrologer and an author of fiction have teamed up to create an intensely fascinating book that delves into the life and psyche of six serial killers: Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, Angelo ...

Astrology-Mundane Astrology by Michael  Baigent

They say that Astrology is the mother of all Sciences. You should know then that Mundane Astrology is the first Astrology that was practiced. In Mesopotamia where the astrologer priests went up in there ziggurats every night to see the night stars and the dance of the planets they would...

Astrology-Optimum Child by Gloria  Star

Here is a book written for parents of children who want to consider whether or not astrology can help them to ...

Astrology-Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook
by Debbie  Kempton Smith
This book from Bantam is one of the most readable, and certainly the funniest astrology book ever written. But, the beauty of it is that it's full of ...

Astrology-Your Intuitive Moon- copyright by Trish  MacGregor

Collective Concepts of the Moon
Throughout the millennia, the moon has been the stuff of myths and fairy tales, poetry and legends. It has been worshipped and cursed and endowed with magical and curative powers. Religions have grown up around it. Sacrifices have been made to...

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