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Owl Legends & Folklore

There are many stories, myths, and legends about the mysterious owls. Each country seems to have owl folklore, and some people actually forcast the weather, by the owls.
Before I tell you about our special owls, perhaps you would like to read a little folklore and legends surrounding the mysterious owl.

The hooting of the owl brings rain.

If you hear an owl hoot in the daytime, a storm is approaching.

If an owl hoots on the east side of a mountain it denotes bad weather.

Greek Legend~ Owl is the emblem of Athens, and therefore the symbol of Athena. The owl was also sacred to Demeter, and was regarded as prophetic.

The magical aspect of the owl is prominent in Celtic myth. It was also an attribute of Gwynn, the Celtic god of the underworld. It was considered a bird of darkness, the "corpse bird".

In Vedic Legend, Yama, god of the dead has the owl as an attribute, and sometimes used it as a messenger.

In the lore of some American Indians, the owl is called the Night Eagle and is the bird of sorcerers.

The owl was considered the bird of death in Central/North America, China, Egypt, India, and Japan.
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Folk Art Carved Solid Wood Owl
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Beautiful Unique Hand Carved Wooden Horned Owl

Our hand carved, or sculpted,  wood owl is one of the most unusual carved wooden wildlife figurines we have seen. This special owl comes from Thailand. One single block of wood is used to carve the entire horned owl, an impressive task! These wood horned owls are each carved by hand, with a folk art look, then painted with a heavy pastel stain in light pinks, yellow, blue, and gray. 

Don't let the picture fool you, either. This photo of the horned owl was taken with my scanner and the owl was laying on its face. These carved wooden owls sit firmly, flat on the table. They are very stable, and are heavy. The coloring is also slightly lighter than it is portrayed in the photo.

After the wooden owls are carved and painted, front and back,  they are whitewashed to fill in the carving marks, making the detail that much more noticeable and attractive.

Just a reminder...These wonderful owls are made by hand and each one will be similar, but unique in varying markings and shading. Anything made by hand will have what can be perceived by some as "flaws". These "flaws" are what makes your owl a unique piece all to itself, and are what make these so special.

These unique birds are large. The horned owl stands about 14 inches high and just about 8 inches wide, and the block of wood is about 5 1/2 inches thick.  It is a most impressive piece!

We are limited on our supply of these wonderful owls. When they are gone, we cannot get anymore, so if you just love this owl, be sure not to wait too long...

730      14inch Hand Carved  Wooden Horned Owl
In Pastel Shades   $38.95 each
Some people would call this a wooden owl carving, others would call it a hand carved wood owl sculpture. Whatever you call it, it is delightful, unique, and would certainly make a fine gift for an owl collector, as a garden figurine, an unusual piece for your favorite folk art collector, too!
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